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WEB-DEV course

Want your child to spend their computer time productively and quickly mastering web development? Then our Web Dev course in Tallinn for children aged 12 and up is the perfect choice! In a short period of training, your child will acquire basic skills in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and learn how to create web pages and interactive elements.

  • Tallinn
  • Ages 12+
  • Free Trial Lesson
  • Registration is open!


This programming course for teenagers is conducted in an offline format, which helps fully immerse students in the learning process and gain maximum knowledge and experience. Professional instructors will explain the intricacies of programming and prepare your child to create their first website.

Our courses can be an exciting choice for teenagers looking to acquire new skills. Don’t miss the opportunity to give your child a chance to embark on mastering a sought-after profession of the future – enroll in the programming course for teenagers today!



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