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Scratch course

The Scratch course at EDUKOHT is the perfect starting point for children who wish to acquaint themselves with the fundamentals of programming and enhance their logical thinking. Located in Tallinn, this course is designed for children aged 8 to 11, and it will teach them how to create engaging games using the popular Scratch tools.

  • Tallinn
  • Ages 8-11
  • Free Trial Lesson
  • Registration is open!


Scratch is a block-based programming language that enables children to create animations, interactive stories, and games without the complexities of traditional coding. Throughout the course, participants will master the fundamental programming blocks of Scratch, utilizing ready-made code blocks to craft their own games.

At EDUKOHT, children will be under the guidance of experienced mentors who provide individualized support throughout the learning process. Interaction with fellow course participants fosters the development of social skills and teamwork. By the end of the program, students will have developed their own project on one of the platforms and will showcase their results to other participants.

This course is perfect for children with dreams of embarking on their journey into the world of programming and game development. Over the course of the academic year, children will gain valuable experience with modern programming tools.

Register your child for our Scratch course at Edukoht and unlock a world of possibilities and creativity in programming for them!



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