Preparing children for the world of the future!

130+ students

We divide them into groups of 10-12 people. This way we can guarantee individual approach - in small groups we have time to work with each student separately and provide enough support to everyone. Each group has classes on a certain weekday.

2 locations

We conduct coding classes in Narva and Kohtla-Järve. In Narva we are located in VitaTiim and OBJEKT. In Kohtla-Järve we are in Slaavi Põhikool. We conduct classes in cozy and bright classrooms, where we have all the necessary equipment - you do not need to bring anything with you.

11 young mentors

All our mentors are high school or university students who learned programming recently. They remember how they studied themselves, what they had difficulties with, and are able to give practical knowledge. Each mentor has their own character and way of teaching. This way we can choose the best approach to each student, introduce new material in the most diverse way possible and teach the children to look at things from different angles.

2 types of classes

The introductory course is suitable for everyone – from students who just want to try something new, to children who are already interested in programming, who want to develop their coding skills.

The intensive course is suitable for students who already have some experience in programming and want to take on harder challenges.

We teach starting from basics, so even if your child does not know anything about programming, he will definitely do it. Motivation is the most important thing here. If you are not sure which course to choose, we will advise you and help you decide.
Ability to code

on Scratch, JavaScript and Python, and ability to create - we give youth skills to create applications, games and animations, so a student has motivation to use a computer not only for entertainment . Also, creating your own game is way more fun than playing someone else’s.

Digital literacy

The child will learn to work with a computer, use various programs and solve problems.

Analytical thinking

when studying programming, children develop their logic, planning, systematic thinking skills and the ability to make decisions independently.

Ability to work in a team

our students work together, thus learning to work efficiently, communicate, compromise and explain their point of view to others. Our students voluntarily conduct online streams in which they share their knowledge.

Bright future

every year Estonia needs 1.5 times more IT specialists in all sectors of the economy (OSKA study of 2016).

  • Once a week, students attend a 2.5 hour lesson, so they manage to understand the topic and apply new skills right away – for example, create an application or a game
  • Students can additionally study with mentors individually online or in our classroom
  • Mentors and students regularly conduct live broadcasts about programming
  • We have a friendly team of students and mentors – they spend free time together, communicate and work on their projects in our online community
  • Students and mentors work on their own projects, spend free time and communicate in our online community
  • We regularly conduct events for the whole family – board game nights, trips to IT companies, hackathons and panel discussions

No skills are needed, we will teach everything from scratch. New students can have any level of experience – both beginners and more advanced programmers study with us.


If you have any questions, call us, and we will be happy to help: +37256601271

Our Team

Что нам важно?

От молодых к молодым

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Нам важно то, что мы делаем, и те, с кем мы работаем

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Мы не боимся совершать ошибки, мы учимся на них

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I was inspired to get involved in IT by movies about hackers. EDUKOHT is the first educational institution where I feel I belong here.

Artjom Amberg
student of EDUKOHT

Regardless of the age of the organizers, they have demonstrated a strong sense of responsibility and outstanding flexbility in managing the organization and education processes. They apply innovative methods in education and always find a common language with kids. The main indicator of the good atmosphere is the fact that kids gladly go to participate in lessons and, if there is a chance, try to stay there after classes, too. The team is conducting community events in an active and fun way. From my side I can only give positive recommendations and wish EDUKOHT team luck in further development.

Sofja Homjakova
mother of 2 students

EDUKOHT is a place where students and mentors can take an educational break from the everyday routine. Every lesson is like a meeting with good friends that gathered to obtain new knowledge and skills. This type of non-formal and friendly setting enables students to learn programming languages more efficiently and easily.

Darja Filatova
mentor at EDUKOHT

Our news

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Воркшоп для лагеря «Генератор идей»

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Команда Кохтла-Ярве

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Больше 100 учеников

Представляете, у нас уже больше 100 ребят! Больше. Сотни. Подумать только  И все они очень разные — спортсмены и музыканты, творческие...

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РЕГИСТРАЦИЯ ТУТ: https://bit.ly/kohtlajarvereg Привет! Мы — EDUKOHT, школа программирования для детей. Мы успешно обучаем детей Нарвы, а теперь открываемся и в Кохтла-Ярве! И мы...

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Летний лагерь и мобильные игры совместить почти невозможно, но нам это удалось. Мы взяли всё лучшее от обычного лагеря —...

Чайчата в EDUKOHT

Вчера к нам на урок программирования залетела стая Чайчат. Только не тех огромных серых птенцов, которые сейчас смешно бегают по...

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Турнир по CS:GO

Компьютерные игры — это не только развлечение. Иногда это настоящий спорт, в котором можно показать мастерство, испытать адреналин соревнования и...

Запишись в лидерский лагерь

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Полезные ресурсы для изучения программирования

Освоение программирования не похоже на стандартную учёбу, например, школьное изучение физики. Во-первых, IT — быстро меняющаяся сфера, поэтому программисты должны...

Перспективы IT-сферы в Эстонии

Привет, друзья! Как вы помните, в этом месяце мы вместе с центром неформального обучения VitaTiim провели вебинар, на котором обсудили...

The lesson will take place on any day convenient for you – we will receive your application and call you to select the date and time.

The lesson lasts 1.5 hours – this time will be enough for your child not only to get acquainted with programming, but also to create their first game or application.

Your child will get acquainted with mentors and other students and will understand if they are interested in programming. If you want, you can attend a lesson with your child to see how the first class goes.

If your child likes to code, at the end of the lesson we will help them decide what they would like to study, and we will share resources for independent study. If they want to study with us, we will discuss when it will be more convenient for them to attend classes, and we will select the most suitable group together.


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